Academy For Undergraduates

Academy for undergraduates
by Afterteam

WordPress and e-Commerce


This comprehensive WordPress course is designed for students in grades 9, 10, and 11 who can immediately immerse themselves in the world of web development and digital marketing. Whether they are beginners or have some prior knowledge, this course will give them the practical skills to build, manage and optimise professional websites.


Over the course of nine months, students will embark on a journey that begins with mastering the basics of WordPress and gradually progresses to building sophisticated websites, online stores, and improving user experience. They will delve into web design, learn basic codes, explore SEO strategies, understand the business principles behind a website, and even create monetization strategies.

Key Skills

At the end of the training, students will have acquired a solid set of skills:

Future Occupations

Web developer

Designs and creates websites for clients or companies


Develops and implements online marketing strategies, SEO campaigns and social media promotions


Manage and optimize online stores, ensure sales results


Writing engaging blog posts, product descriptions and marketing messages