Web Analytics Fundamentals


The “Web Analytics Fundamentals” course is tailored for 12th-grade students eager to delve into the realm of web and social media analytics. This curriculum is designed for both novices and those with some background knowledge, equipping them with the essential skills to analyze, manage, and leverage data from websites and social media platforms. Through practical exercises and real-world projects, students will learn to interpret digital metrics, enhancing their ability to make data-driven decisions in digital marketing and online business strategies.


# Lesson Title Objective Activities
1 Introduction to Data Analytics Understand basics of data analytics. Classroom discussions, introduction to tools.
2 Data Types and Collection Methods Learn about different data types and how data is collected. Interactive lessons on data types, collection methods.
3 The Data Analysis Process Introduction to the data analysis process. Discussion on steps in the data analysis process.
4 Setting Up Google Analytics Learn to set up and navigate Google Analytics. Setting up a Google Analytics account, exploring the dashboard.
5 Exploring Google Analytics Reports Understand basic metrics in Google Analytics. Exploring real-time, audience, acquisition, behavior reports.
6 Exercises And Practical Examples Excercise and understand basic principles, tools Data collection exercises and tasks
7 Midterm Exam 1 Assess understanding of data analytics fundamentals and Google Analytics basics. Written exam covering weeks 1-6.
8 Advanced Google Analytics Features Deep dive into advanced features of Google Analytics. Analyzing a live website’s data, focusing on user behavior and traffic sources.
9 Introduction to Social Media Analytics Overview of social media analytics for Facebook and Instagram. Setting up Facebook Insights, exploring Instagram analytics.
10 Analyzing Social Media Performance Learn to analyze and interpret social media data. Identifying trends, engagement patterns on Facebook and Instagram.
11 Midterm Exam 2 Assess understanding of social media analytics. Written exam covering weeks 7-10.
12 Introduction to Business Analytics Understand the role of analytics in business decision-making. Case studies on business data analytics.
13 Key Business Metrics Learn about key metrics used in business analytics. Discussion on sales, marketing, and operational metrics.
14 Using Google Sheets for Data Analysis Introduction to data analysis using Google Sheets. Practical exercises in Google Sheets.
15 Creating Dashboards with Google Data Studio Learn to create dashboards and reports in Google Data Studio. Creating dashboards based on sample datasets.
16 Final Exam Comprehensive assessment of all topics covered throughout the semester. Written exam covering all material.

Future Occupations

Data Analyst

Focuses on analyzing data sets to create key performance indicators (KPIs) and forecasts for businesses, helping to drive informed decision-making.

Social Media Manager

Specializes in managing and optimizing social media platforms to enhance brand presence, engage with audiences, and analyze performance metrics for strategic improvement.


Oversees online sales strategies, manages website functionality, and analyzes customer behavior data to increase sales performance and improve the customer shopping experience.

Freelancer / Agency Owner

Operates independently or owns an agency, offering specialized services in web analytics, digital marketing, or data analysis to clients, leveraging skills learned to drive business growth.