Curriculum – Undergraduates Course

Week Topic
1 Introduction to WordPress and CMS
2 WordPress Plugins: Installation and Management
3 Introduction to Elementor and Basic Page Building
4 Advanced Elementor Page Building Techniques
5 Elementor Design Techniques and Layouts
6 Introduction to Elementor’s Theme Builder
7 Introduction to Copywriting for the Web
8 Elementor and WordPress Integration for Content Creation
9 Advanced WordPress Settings and Integrations
10 Recap and Exercises: Reviewing Key Concepts and Techniques
11 Capstone Project: Planning and Designing a Website
12 Elementor Animations and Advanced Styling Techniques
13 Introduction to Elementor Site Kits
14 Implementing Elementor Site Kits into Websites
15 Introduction to WooCommerce and E-Commerce Basics
16 Setting Up Products in WooCommerce
17 Configuring WooCommerce Delivery Rules
18 Integrating Stripe for Payments in WooCommerce
19 Bulk Product Import Using WP All Import Pro
20 Customizing WooCommerce Shop Pages
21 Designing Custom Cart Pages with JetWooBuilder
22 Creating Custom Checkout Pages with JetWooBuilder
23 Designing Custom Thank You Pages with JetWooBuilder
24 Advanced WooCommerce: Coupons and Discounts
25 Managing Orders and Customer Relationships in WooCommerce
26 WooCommerce Reporting and Analytics
27 Introduction to Data Analytics in WordPress/WooCommerce
28 Integrating Google Analytics with WordPress/WooCommerce
29 SEO and Marketing for WooCommerce Stores
30 Using ChatGPT for Content Creation and SEO
31 Pricing Strategies for E-Commerce
32 Project: Building a Complete E-Commerce Site