Our Story

Afterteam started out of nowhere in 2014, in a competition for freelancers and video production, and our first client was from Guam – an island between Japan and the United States. Winning and receiving the money from a distance of 15,000 km surprised us so much that we decided to find out what exactly freelancing is, and whether we can win more competitions.

The event coincided with some flyer design work for a client in Bulgaria and so began our digital tale. We encountered Indians, Pakistanis and other competitors with much more human resources, who, due to the difference in living standards, worked at much lower prices than ours. Instead of bothering us, it created even more ambition. From pure graphic design – flyers, brochures and logos, we gradually began to create web pages and applications. Soon, we worked with individual clients from more than 30 countries around the world.

At the end of 2017, we discovered WordPress as a platform. Then we set ourselves another challenging task – to create fully working websites for the time the competition makes only the design. We managed to achieve it and today, we claim to be true experts in custom design.

In terms of blogging, photography and content creation, the Mint Stories brand launched at the same time, and with a lot of perseverance and hard work, the duo has proven itself to global brands. Thanks to teamwork and (round-the-clock) work, we have created campaigns that we remember and are proud of.

We thank our customers for their trust and desire to develop together.

Mission and Values


As a digital agency, our mission is to help businesses and organizations effectively reach and engage with their target audiences online. This involves designing and developing websites and online campaigns that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and effective at communicating the client’s message.

Our goals include attracting and retaining a diverse client base, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the digital marketing industry, and delivering high-quality work that meets the needs and expectations of our clients.

We value include professionalism, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, which shape the way we approach our work and interact with our clients.


There are several trends in internet technology and e-commerce that we have seen gain significant popularity in recent years. These include mobile optimization, artificial intelligence and machine learning, social media marketing, live streaming, virtual and augmented reality, personalization, and payment security. We strive to stay current with these trends and incorporate them into our work to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Workforce and Culture


In recent years, there has been a shift towards a more flexible and remote-friendly workplace culture. This has been driven in part by advances in technology that have made it easier for people to work from anywhere, as well as a growing recognition of the benefits of flexible work arrangements for both employers and employees.

As a digital agency, we have embraced this shift and have found that working with freelancers from around the world allows us to tap into a diverse pool of talent and expertise. By collaborating with freelancers, we are able to bring together the best people for each project, regardless of where they are located. This allows us to provide the highest quality services to our clients while also giving our team members the freedom and flexibility to work in a way that suits their needs and preferences.