Trend Spot Group

Trend Spot Group offers a novel approach to applying for financing, utilizing tools like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and RPA software to simplify the complex world of European programs, financial subsidies, and grants. They provide comprehensive management services, including idea and business study, funding procedure selection, success evaluation, expert review, application assistance, documentation development, […]

Code Life

Code Life is a luxurious lifestyle and fashion magazine that caters to the senses with beautiful photography, latest fashion trends, and features on exotic destinations. The magazine offers a glimpse into the glamorous, fun, and exciting world of luxury living.

359 Awards

The 359 Awards, organized by Code Media & Entertainment Group, is an annual hip-hop awards ceremony held in Sofia, Bulgaria. It features an official after-party and a grand concert with over 20 artists, celebrating the Bulgarian hip-hop underground and mainstream scene. The event includes the distribution of star statuettes, recognizing various achievements in the hip-hop […]

Code Media Group

Code Media is a dynamic media group that owns a variety of lifestyle and health-oriented platforms, including ‘Code Health’, ‘Code Fashion’, ‘Code Health Play’, ‘Code Fashion Play’, and the lifestyle magazine ‘Code Life’. As a major player in the media landscape, Code Media hosts several annual events, such as Sofia Fashion Week, showcasing its commitment […]

V&A Agency

V&A Event Agency specializes in organizing and managing various events. They aim to fulfill all client requirements, ensuring memorable experiences. The agency handles everything from location to entertainment, working with top professionals for seamless event execution. Services include catering, hair and makeup, luxury car rentals, decoration, DJ and show programs, photography, video recording, graphic design, […]