Project: Playboy


Our Results

Instagram (Dec 2019 – June 2020)

+400% increase

How We Did It

Tags & Hashtags Analysis

Daily Enagement Analysis


Our Recommendations

• Single photo
• The photo could be in English
• There must be emojis in the photo
• The photo should havee many hashtags in English
• The photo should have an author’s tag
• The photo should have external links that lead somewhere – shop, product, Instagram account

The content should be “mixed” into 5-10 photos with 1 video uploaded directly / without embed /; backstage video or photo shoots; Instagram videos



What are the most successful Playboy websites and how do they achieve it?

Russia –
Thailand –
Germany –
Mexico –

The sites of Russia, Thailand, Germany and Mexico generate high traffic and receive a lot of attention.

What do they have in common:
  1. A premium design that goes beyond the template of standard news WordPress sites
  2. Links from/to social networks, where they also post links or shortlinks
  3. Significantly more content than the competition and publish regularly
  4. Many backlinks – there are links to them from other sites
  5. Authority – the addresses of their sites have been purchased for many years
  6. Well-developed functionality of the site – subscriptions, videos, galleries, etc.
  7. Social networks are linked to the main website
  8. Good analytics and an overall development strategy
  9. They publish unique content on various channels – website, Facebook, Instagram
What was our strategy:

The sites of Russia, Thailand, Germany and Mexico generate high traffic and receive a lot of attention.

– Unlike the Thais, we rely on the same elements as the 4 high-traffic websites listed, but we will rely on Instagram galleries and a custom influencer marketing platform.
– We will bet on photo galleries and implement the same concept at a later stage, as we can talk to photographers / videographers and replicate the success of our colleagues
– We can try to get some traffic from Romania and Serbia, whose sites do not work; we could use subdomains, for example: and
– We will rely on merchandising and a well-developed online store that we could advertise to spread the word

The Results: