Call Us: +1-917-993-9319
Call Us: +1-917-993-9319

Software & Apps

As we were more focused on creative works and design, we worked on small software projects that required a workforce of 2-6 software developers. For the upcoming years, we are more focused on creating robust software solutions:

Bespoke Software Development

User Interface & Experience Development

System Integrations

Mobile / App Development

Backend / API Development

Full Service Testing

Partners / BPO

BULPROS Consulting

BULPROS is a leading, world-class service provider with more than 18 offices, located in Europe and North America and the #1 Bulgarian software company. Successful customer and partner relations with Fortune 500 IT companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Unisys, VMware, Siemens, T-Systems, SAP, Hortonworks, Oracle, Red Hat etc.

NGS Solutions

NGS is a bespoke software development company that offers design, development and implementation of business software solutions and systems for control, management and business optimisation. What caught our attention is that they are particularly good in business analysis and restructuring.