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Metrics that actually define social media ROI

URL tracking

If your campaign goal is to drive people to a particular page on your website, by adding a tracking code on all links you can monitor through your analytics tool such as Google Analytics the number of unique page views, time on page and total pages viewed. By defining conversion goals based on the action that you want visitors to take, such as making a purchase, you can analyse direct campaign success.


Unique landing pages or voucher codes

When a campaign leads people to a unique landing page or incentivizes purchase using a voucher code, its success can easily be measured by analysing the number of people who purchased coming from that landing page or using that specific voucher code.


Share of voice (SOV)

This refers to the number of conversations about your brand compared to your competitors’ brands, so you can understand how yours stands in the market versus competition.

Share of conversation (SOC)

This is defined by the topics and conversations that your customers care about. They may not be brand related but market related.


Community insight data

When a campaign drives additional social profile data – such as contact information and other likes and interests – this feeds your marketing and customer support team with very useful insights. These can typically help you to segment your customer base to drive more targeted marketing and support that will, eventually, lead to more sales.

Our Approach

Social media accounts are run by human beings. Smart people who run social media accounts on behalf of brands know that those accounts should behave like human beings, and the KPIs that we put a premium on should reflect the things we value as part of the human experience, namely:

  • experiencing emotions;
  • having conversations;
  • sharing information.