Project: Huawei


Initial campaign idea:

3 digital activations between April and June, which include the posting on social networks of photo content created with the Huawei P10.

> The messages reach through 4 of the most interesting and followed in Bulgaria bloggers and one of the most popular Bulgarian singers – Mihaela Fileva.

1. Searching for #Perfect10

  • Period: the first week of April
  • Idea: To show perfection, even though our world is not perfect!
  • Mechanics: Create an album with ten photos taken with P10 under the title “My # Perfect10 ….” These “Perfect 10” can be 10 moments, people, things, views, etc.
  • Channel: Facebook, Instagram

2. Face your day

  • Period: between 8 and 12 May
  • Idea: Every day we face challenges. We face people, tasks, situations, we experience failures and successes. The most important and valuable of them we can keep with Huawei P10.
  • Mechanics: The story of a day in pictures. Create an album of photos taken with P10 that describe one of your days – from morning to night: people you meet, places you visit, objects that impress you, landmarks you pass, things you do, etc. .n.
  • Posting 3 posts: 1 post announcing that you are about to publish something special and a hashtag, 1 post with the photo album, 1 post explaining the idea of ​​the photo album.
  • Channel: Facebook, Instagram

3. Unmissed Opportunities

  • Period: between May 29 and June 11
  • Idea: With the Huawei P10 and its Super Charger, you won’t miss a single opportunity to capture the perfect shot and share it.
  • Mechanics: Create content related to natural situations in your daily life in which a super fast charger saves the moment. For example – you are at a wedding. In the morning you get up and realize that you forgot to charge your phone at night. While drinking your morning coffee, the P10’s super charger charges the phone to capture this exciting day.
  • Channel: Facebook, Instagram


Huawei’s new phone model managed to set new standards for mobile performance and inspired people’s individual creative expression.

With the help of various influencers, product became part of the infamous Fashion Week and toured interesting destinations (such as Monaco, Bali and the USA). There were so much live various concerts and events broadcasted.

Thanks to our work with Huawei, the phone was adopted as a must-have product for every local vlogger who wants 4k video at an affordable price.

Naturally, building and communicating a campaign for a longer period of time (from 3 to 6 – 12 months) allowed us to deepen the relationship with the end client, position the productsuccessfully abroad, as well as to provide more diverse content.