Call Us: +1-917-993-9319
Call Us: +1-917-993-9319

Everything in photography comes down to one word: Vision. Call it a brief, imaginative look or simply a gaze. It’s the process of imagining the by-product of your work, before you have even taken the camera. Nothing stands against eternity as brave as a photo. Taking it is more than just ‘a capture’ in a still of time, it holds the purpose of being reviewed and remembered for years. Together with you, we will work out of that purpose and recreate it with our own hands, minds and imagination. Working in that direction is a lifetime mission for us – to capture every precious moment with quality and modern style, creating Photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects do you take?

We take all kinds of engagements. Often we make photographic footage for corporate clients (business photography, owners and managers), interior and exterior projects, personalized photo sessions, buildups, fashion, product, advertising photography, as well as shooting events, private parties , clubs, special occasions and more.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We trust the professional equipment of Hasselblad, Canon & Sony and we have the latest, trendiest equipment models for every year.

How do you estimate pricing?

Every project is fundamentally different, with pricing depending on its complexity, duration, necessary equipment and lighting, possible transport costs and overnight stays, number of objects, people to be filmed, and others.

How does communication work?

You can always contact us on the listed phones and emails. To each of our clients, we carefully explain the details of our future joint work on a cup of coffee or fresh juice in our cozy studio. We believe that personal communication is the best solution. Besides, and who refuses free drinks and good company?

Is pricing based on the number of photos, or is it fixed?

Pricing is not related to the number of photos taken and we won’t put any limits on it. We will take as much photos as we need, we’ll send you all the great footage, and finally we will process the photos that we’ve selected together with you. We are working on the commitment, not the count. The price includes the copyright transfer for each image.

Do you process or edit the photos?

Of course. We strive to process our photos in the most natural but professional manner.

Where can I download the output files from?

The output files are sent with a simple download link. You can download them from anywhere around the world. Of course, we can also send them on a digital medium.

What advantages do you have, compared to other organizations?

Apart from our successful track record in working with reputable companies, we only make commitments that we are sure we can fulfill. We work in fast and organized way, paying equal attention to each of our clients. Highest quality is our top priority, so we constantly invest in modern, state-of-the-art technology upgrades, while obtaining industry knowledge and sending our teams to regular workshops and seminars abroad. We want to be as close as possible to world trends and techniques and while working with us, you will surely get that feel.

What kind of documents are being drafted? Do you issue an invoice?

Each of our projects is accompanied by a production contract that includes standard terms, price, possible adjustments, prepayment of the total amount, etc. Of course we issue an invoice or … two.