Call Us: +1-917-993-9319
Call Us: +1-917-993-9319

~charge your WooCommerce store

Bulk Product Import

We will prepare your product data, including text, images, categories, variations, tags and other properties, and import it at once into your store. No more manual typing or editing.

Variations and filters

Product variations and attributes can be tricky in WooCommerce. Let us set all your product variables, and add custom fields where it’s needed. Once we are ready, we can add any type of filters.


We will manage your promotion campaigns, set criteria by products, categorie and dates, select price adjustment methods and handle all discounts and coupons for you.

Advanced bulk edit

Editing your product information and custom fields has never been easier, as it goes through a single interface with table data. No need to browse through each product in Woo’s admin panel anymore.

Shipping integration

We will add shipping options, zones, rules and carriers to your online store, set inventory and fulfillment, allow local pickups, validation, accounting, notifications, and more.

Payment providers

No matter where you are located, we can easily set up e-wallets, debit and credit card payments, bank wire transfers, VPOS and MPOS terminals and handle invoices for you.

Reports and analytics

We will introduce advanced cart abandonment stastistics, extended reports for orders, categories, customer history, net/gross/shipping ammounts, variations, predictions, and more.

Marketing automation

Targeted, customized emails to customers, operations and processing, tied with third party integrations with +300 services and apps will be at your firm disposal.

Multilingual translation

Translating your products, categories and taxonomies all at once, importing, changing, and managing multiple translations, or using Google Translate to automate – it’s all handled.

Multi-currency and rules

Get automatic detection of customer’s native currency based on their locaion. Introduce custom pricing based on that, while updating exchange rate automatically or manually.

Automated tagging

Display multiple tag clouds or images as a tag cloud (posts/pages). Using a computer vision platform, we can easily categorize media / add meta data, and even service relevant content.

SEO & Page optimization

Whether it’s search engine optimization, clearing your source code or simply improving page load times, our dedicated team will hande all issues, and fully optimize your store and data.

Core Services

Content Management

Upload articles and news

Republishing on social media

Content replacement (text, image, video)

Creating authoring content and blog articles

Galleries and video support

Automation and aggregation (third parties)


Banner design

Slider design

Redesign of existing pages

Portfolio section design

Photo editing and effects

WooCommerce Development

Sliders and product banners

Gallery, feed, and component development

WordPress plugin development

Mailchimp campaigns

Theme development