You’ve decided you want to reach consumers in ways they can’t and won’t ignore. You don’t want to just sell to them via the boring, typical online advertisements – you want to steer them at the channels they already love and visit frequently. You’ve probably run at the least one or influencer marketing campaigns with the aid of this time, but even if you haven’t, we will help you plan your upcoming campaigns for 2020 and beyond.

Typs Of Influencers

Nano: Under 5K followers on Instagram Everyday people with a small, generally more friend-based following. They can be used to create buzz within a very targeted audience. Think of Nano as synonymous with the original word-of-mouth approach for spreading information.
Micro: 100K-500K followers on Instagram These people are influencers with a smaller but dedicated following, covering a niche market. Their content is generally more authentic because they have a closer relationship with their audience. They can be more easily paired with a performance-based payment model to drive true accountability and measurable results at scale.
Macro: 100K-500K followers on Instagram A hybrid between the traits of micro and mega influencers. A general trend is that these influencers are more likely to work for a flat-flee. The quality of content takes a big leap compared to Micro, but the engagement rate also decreases compared to Micro.
Mega: 500K-5 Million followers on Instagram Megas specialize in driving high-impact awareness with a very broad reach – not good for niche markets. Mega influencers cost more, but the quality of their content is close to that of a creative agency. You can also be more prescriptive with the types of content they produce. These influencers almost always work on a flat-fee model and generally have talent agencies that they work with.
Celebrity: 5 Million+ You know, famous people. Think Kim Kardashian, Lebron James, or Cristiano Ronaldo. These are people who are famous for one thing but also have a committed and passionate online following across many channels.

Goals & Intents

Based on your goals, here are the types of content, influencer mix, channels etc. we take into consideration to hit these goals!

Our Approach

High Quality Influencers

We select influencers who meet, or exceed, average industry benchmarks (ex. engagement rate) and develop high quality content.

Influencer Audience Data

To understand if an influencer fits your target consumer, we gather in-depth insights on their audience – location, gender, age, etc.

Static Images and Videos

With the rise of Instagram Stories and TikTok, as a full service agency we can always provide strong vertical video offering in addition to static images

Influencer and Content Review

We constantly update the progress of our campaigns, making sure you’re working with the right influencers and that it aligns with your brand voice.

Creative Content Ideas

As (almost) veterans in content creation, we take the time to design creative campaigns from start to finish for your brand – complete with specific asks from influencers to carry out this creative vision, most likely showcasing your products in-use.

Objectives & KPIs

We make sure that we provide you with one of the most important pieces of influencer marketing -tracking a campaign’s success, like it would be with any other marketing campaign.