Afterteam signs 4-year deal with CEE’s leading shopping center operator NEPI Rockastle for our marketplace e-Commerce platform

In August 2021, Afterteam signed a 4-year contract with South African fund NEPI Rockastle (managing $ 5.8B assets) to lease our SaaS e-commerce marketplace platform.

The first shopping center with which the venture will start is Paradise Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the platform is expected to work actively before October 2021.

Logistics Partner is one of the leading Bulgarian companies dealing with deliveries, and payment methods are provided by the world leader Stripe.

In addition to technical support, the Afterteam team will also provide comprehensive customer support by email, chat and phone.
To the main platform, our team is developing its own Intranet, in which not only marketplace participants, but also all NEPI Rockastle retailers can use additional external services.


The Platform

The platform allows retailers at the sites of the centers to have their own online stores, providing them with the necessary e-commerce software, a warehouse module with tracking of minimum stocks and a number of automations.

In addition to the classic online trade, a collect point is in the process of conceptualization, from which the products can be picked up directly from the shopping center. This allows it to operate even during the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the retail sector particularly hard in the last year.

The platform also has the option to group products in sets, which allows for the first time traders with different activities to cooperate by presenting individual products in a group. In turn, the customer has the opportunity to order a combination of clothing, cosmetics, accessories and even interior solutions.



The support provided by Afterteam will include three possible communication channels – email, chat and phone. For this purpose, our team has created a notification and monitoring system, as well as its own knowledge base. Regardless of the team’s support, retailers will benefit from their own return and exchange policies, and will actively communicate with their customers to keep in touch with them.



Unlike traditional marketplace platforms like Amazon or eMag, the advantage of our development is in the modular structure, which allows complete individualization of the pages. The tenants in the shopping center will have their own pages on the face of their store, which will have video, news blocks and other interactive elements – specific to their brand. Customization is possible both at the store level and at the product page level. In this way, the platform brings together diverse product categories, making it possible to maintain the characteristic layouts of individual product pages.


About NEPI

NEPI Rockastle is the premier owner and operator of shopping centres in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with presence in nine countries and more than 54 retail properties (excluding joint ventures). The company’s shares are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”), Euronext Amsterdam (“Euronext”) and A2X.

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